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Couples Therapy


All relationships have their ups and downs, with hopefully more ups than downs. Marriage or couples therapy can help in resolving conflict and creating a relationship that is secure, open, and honest. My approach utilizes the research of Dr. Gottman, the leading marital psychologist in the U.S.


The Gottman Method for creating a healthy relationship focuses on nine basic components: Build love maps, share fondness and admiration, turn towards, positive perspective, manage conflict, make life dreams come true, create shared meaning, trust, and commitment. By focusing on these components couples can create a healthier relationship, increase their relational satisfaction, and develop stronger intimacy.


Couples therapy requires commitment, openness, and flexibility from everyone involved. The end result, however, can be a relationship that has respect, affection, intimacy, and the ability to manage conflict in a meaningful way. Please contact me if you feel that your relationship could benefit from therapy. 


Michael Arnold, Psy.D., M.A.C.L.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
99 Trophy Club Drive

Trophy Club, TX 76262





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